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2013/08/28 / litcurling

On the road again…

Hi everyone!

Now we’re finally on our way to Baden, Switzerland, for the first event of the 2013/14 season. We’ve had a few great weeks of practice and we feel we’re in good shape for the upcoming event. On our way to Baden we’ll pass Södertälje to collect a few things from Goldline and then sleep over in Stockholm at Christoffer’s brother’s ”mansion”.

As we mentioned in the previous post, the entire national squad was gathered in Karlstad for some information, practice and friendly matches. On the saturday we went up against the Swedish womens team for the Sochi Olympics, Team Sigfridsson. We were in some deep trouble in the 2nd end, but managed to come out with a steal for a 3-0 lead instead of 4-2 down. We sealed the game in the 5th with a 5-ender to make it 9-1. On the sunday we went up against our friends, biggest rivals and reigning world champs – Team Edin. A tricky first end with very fast ice ended with a 2-pointer for us. Team Edin blanked the 2nd end and were forced to 1 in the 3rd. Surprisingly, the game ended after 4 ends when we managed to get a 6-pointer – an 8-1 victory.

On monday (instead of friday, as was planned before) we had our fitness test together with Cissi Östlund, Sara Carlsson and the entire Team Edin. Kristian could unfortunately not take part due to a bad knee and a sore shoulder. For the rest of us the tests went great. All of us had a couple of excercises where we smashed our own personal bests.

You’ll hear more from us during the weekend!


/Lit CC Team Eriksson


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