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2013/08/21 / litcurling

New sponsor – KMTI

Not too many updates on the blog as of late, but soon the season starts and you’ll get to hear more from us.

For those of you who follow us on our twitter-page might have heard of our new sponsor – KMTI. KMTI is basically a fitness center where we get the honor of lifting weights for free. Lots of fun! The center is family-owned and was established in Karlstad in 1982. Just a few years ago they moved to a new location and we get to workout in new and great facilities.

On the 30th of august the season of 2013/14 starts in Baden, Switzerland. We’ve had ice to practice on for roughly three weeks now, including two meltdowns due to thunder damaging the electricity output. However, we’re psyched on getting things started. You can follow the event here: http://www.badenmasters.ch/rr_group_c.php

The upcoming weekend we’ll take part in a camp for the national squad. National coach, Peja Lindholm, will introduce what is going on for the upcoming season and what he expects from every team in the squad. On friday we’ll also have a test to check our physical condition.

We hope you’re all good and we’ll see you out there on the ice very soon!!


Lit Curling / Team Eriksson


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