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2013/06/30 / pr0fess0rn

A day with Ajiwa

Yesterday we were in Östersund and met Ingemar and Micke, our two mental/group dynamics coaches. After a morning of summarising the season it was time for lunch. We went to Östersund – Frösö golf club. What a beautiful place! The first hole is appointed to the tee with best view throughout Sweden! Just next to the first tee is the ranche, that’s the place we were at… One thing is for sure, we are better curlers! Here are some pictures to laugh at

ÖstersundFrösögolfklubb2 mobil 025 mobil 024 mobil 023 mobil 022 mobil 020 mobil 019 mobil 018 mobil 017 ÖstersundFrösögolfklubb

After a couple of buckets out it in the woods and a lot of laughs it was time to go back to work. We went to Sports Gym and did a physical test together. A few personal best for all of us! It’s looking better and better for every day. Now we just want the curling season to start!


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