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2009/10/21 / henkelit

EJCT event in Oslo

According to our poll, at the moment, you guys think that we should write in both english and swedish (42% of the votes ). But 39% prefer that we should write in entirely swedish so it’s very close! 19% have voted on only english. We haven’t decided yet so keep on voting! Whatsoever I’m gonna write this post in english.

Tomorrow we’re heading towards Oslo in Norway for the second time this season. We’ll be playing this seasons first event in the European Junior Curling Tour and we’re looking forward to play in Oslo once again.

If you take a look at our results you can see that we obviously like playing in Oslo. Last year we won the same event that we’ll be playing this weekend and a few weeks ago we won Oslo Cup. So I can’t find any reason to break this trend.

Fifteen teams divided into three groups will be fighting for the first place in the boys section. We’re in group B with France/Vincent, Scotland/Fraser, Germany/Kämpf and Switzerland/DeCruz. Our first game is 09.00 (GMT +01.00) on friday against France, a team we never played before. There’s also a girls section with twelve teams in two groups where another swedish team will be playing (Sweden/Frida Jonasson).

I haven’t found any site where you can see line scores etc yet but if I find one I will post it. But as you know we’ll update our blog frequently during the weekend so there’s no danger on the roof!





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