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2013/08/28 / litcurling

On the road again…

Hi everyone!

Now we’re finally on our way to Baden, Switzerland, for the first event of the 2013/14 season. We’ve had a few great weeks of practice and we feel we’re in good shape for the upcoming event. On our way to Baden we’ll pass Södertälje to collect a few things from Goldline and then sleep over in Stockholm at Christoffer’s brother’s ”mansion”.

As we mentioned in the previous post, the entire national squad was gathered in Karlstad for some information, practice and friendly matches. On the saturday we went up against the Swedish womens team for the Sochi Olympics, Team Sigfridsson. We were in some deep trouble in the 2nd end, but managed to come out with a steal for a 3-0 lead instead of 4-2 down. We sealed the game in the 5th with a 5-ender to make it 9-1. On the sunday we went up against our friends, biggest rivals and reigning world champs – Team Edin. A tricky first end with very fast ice ended with a 2-pointer for us. Team Edin blanked the 2nd end and were forced to 1 in the 3rd. Surprisingly, the game ended after 4 ends when we managed to get a 6-pointer – an 8-1 victory.

On monday (instead of friday, as was planned before) we had our fitness test together with Cissi Östlund, Sara Carlsson and the entire Team Edin. Kristian could unfortunately not take part due to a bad knee and a sore shoulder. For the rest of us the tests went great. All of us had a couple of excercises where we smashed our own personal bests.

You’ll hear more from us during the weekend!


/Lit CC Team Eriksson

2013/08/21 / litcurling

New sponsor – KMTI

Not too many updates on the blog as of late, but soon the season starts and you’ll get to hear more from us.

For those of you who follow us on our twitter-page might have heard of our new sponsor – KMTI. KMTI is basically a fitness center where we get the honor of lifting weights for free. Lots of fun! The center is family-owned and was established in Karlstad in 1982. Just a few years ago they moved to a new location and we get to workout in new and great facilities.

On the 30th of august the season of 2013/14 starts in Baden, Switzerland. We’ve had ice to practice on for roughly three weeks now, including two meltdowns due to thunder damaging the electricity output. However, we’re psyched on getting things started. You can follow the event here: http://www.badenmasters.ch/rr_group_c.php

The upcoming weekend we’ll take part in a camp for the national squad. National coach, Peja Lindholm, will introduce what is going on for the upcoming season and what he expects from every team in the squad. On friday we’ll also have a test to check our physical condition.

We hope you’re all good and we’ll see you out there on the ice very soon!!


Lit Curling / Team Eriksson

2013/06/30 / pr0fess0rn

A day with Ajiwa

Yesterday we were in Östersund and met Ingemar and Micke, our two mental/group dynamics coaches. After a morning of summarising the season it was time for lunch. We went to Östersund – Frösö golf club. What a beautiful place! The first hole is appointed to the tee with best view throughout Sweden! Just next to the first tee is the ranche, that’s the place we were at… One thing is for sure, we are better curlers! Here are some pictures to laugh at

ÖstersundFrösögolfklubb2 mobil 025 mobil 024 mobil 023 mobil 022 mobil 020 mobil 019 mobil 018 mobil 017 ÖstersundFrösögolfklubb

After a couple of buckets out it in the woods and a lot of laughs it was time to go back to work. We went to Sports Gym and did a physical test together. A few personal best for all of us! It’s looking better and better for every day. Now we just want the curling season to start!

2013/06/13 / litcurling


No, we haven’t applied for ”Sweden’s got talent” or anything like it – that much fun you’ll never have whilst following us!

Actually, the word ”talent” is used by the Swedish Olympic Committee (SOK) for young athletes whom SOK think have a chance at competing for Sweden in an Olympics within the next 4-8 years. These, so called talents, are selected into the ”Talent Programme” at SOK and get support through fundings, coaching and training.

We’re telling you all this because we have some great news for us and our fans. All members of Team Eriksson have been selected to be a part of the ”Talent Programme”, which is a great opportunity for the team. It’s great to know that the most important organization within Sweden for Olympic sports believe in us and want to help us on our journey towards the 2018 Olympics.

As if we weren’t psyched enough for the upcoming season, these news have definitely made us impatient and we can’t wait for the season to start in Baden, Switzerland, at the end of August.

Now we’ll get back to our pre-season training. See you soon!

/Team Eriksson

2013/04/26 / pr0fess0rn

Good end to a great season

We finished the Victoria curling classic with a record of 3 wins and 3 losses. We won against Rob Fowler, USA’s Brady Clark and Yusuke Morozumi of Japan. The last two played at the World Championship the week after. The three losses came to Mike Mcewen, Steve Petryk and Kevin Martin. You can’t ask to beat them the first time you play them. A great experience for us. We had a lot of fun that week in Canada playing some of the best teams in the world! We really hope that we can come back next season.

After that three of us stayed in Canada, Oskar as Alternate for Niklas Edin’s rink during the World Championship. Markus and Kristian stayed the whole week to support the Swedish team! They did a great job, I honestly think that you could hear them more than the canadian crowd in the end of the final. two vs 6000.  Congrats to the Gold medal team Edin!

When we came back to Sweden we had a week before we went to St. Gallen to play the European Masters. The top seven team from Europe, except Niklas Edin and Thomas Ulsrud, were invited and Mark Dacey from Canada. A really tough field which were divided in two groups. We had Sven Michel, Mario Freiberger, borh from Switzerland and Mark Dacey. We managed to win all three games. In the Semi final we played Team De Cruz, also from Switzerland, it was a really close game which came down to the last rock. They had a super thin angle runback to tie but their fourth player just missed it so we stole three points to win 8-4. In the final we were up against Sven Michel again. This game was also close until the seventh end we we picked up a big four ender to end the game, 6-3. VICTORY! With that win we ended up in third place in the Curling Champions Tour 2012/13!

For those who haven’t seen the final you can see it on Laola1.tv in the link below

LAOLA1.tv European Masters Finals: Michel (SUI) – Eriksson (SWE) ::: Free Sport Live Streams / Video

Now we have had a few days off. On monday the preparation and pre-season training begins for the next exciting season!

Have a great summer!


2013/03/21 / litcurling

1st game

First game playing on the world tour in Canada ended with a win – 5-2 vs Rob Fowler. Both teams struggled a little bit, but we felt we had the upper hand early in the game. A few misses from us early on had them getting away from our grip. There should have been a force of 1 in both first and third end, but both were blanked together. In the fourth we had a chance to lie 2 before their last shot, but our rock hit a straight spot and they got the deuce. We got back quickly and played a solid fifth end to tie the game at 2. In the sixth end we got a stolen point after a really good end from our side. The second to last end we were just putting up guards after having frozen shot stone right on the button. That got us another steal. Our last end wasn’t our best, but Oskar got a quite easy double to bring the game home.

Next game will be up against Mike McEwen – second overall in the order of merit standings – at 4.30pm local time.

See you around!!

/Lit Eriksson

 Mobil 006

The arena.

2013/03/21 / litcurling

English on our blog

We figured it’d be better to write our blog in english. Many of you guys entering our blog seem to be from all over the world and we felt it’d be better this way.